About the Club

The advent of social media and the internet have spawned a great deal of interest and popularity of the Carolina Dog.  At the same time such access has resulted in much speculation and opinion about the breed.  The American Kennel Club (AKC) has now accepted the Carolina Dog for Foundation Service Stock Breed.  Therefore, the breed’s founder, Dr. I.Lehr Brisbin has found it necessary to organize breeders and owners via the American Kennel Club of the United States, to maintain the integrity of the breed and to help people discern fact from fiction. The ability to connect electronically has revealed quite a lot of new information about these dogs and has spurred those in the scientific community towards additional research. This organization will endeavor to keep its members and the public informed of the results of any new scientific conclusions about their breed.

AKC FSS Program

“Atlas” Multi-Champion NorthStar’s Travelin’ Man at the first AKC FSS which Carolina Dogs were eligible.  Owned and shown by Carrie Riley of NorthStar Carolina Dogs & Siberian Huskies in Texas.


Puppy Pack Walk (Black & Tan)

Carolina Pups